About Our Online Marketing & SEO Services Company.

At first, it was just me, Chris.

I started designing websites in 2004 for various projects while I was in high school and kept taking on marketing projects during college and after.


All businesses need customers. How do we get and keep them?

During college at California State University Fullerton’s Entrepreneurship program, I created online marketing plans for live companies enrolled in the program.

I found that all companies, regardless of size, type, etc., all needed two things: more customers and better processes.

More customers = more revenue.

Better processes = better profits.

It was up to me to discover how to get and keep these customers and how to manage them in the most efficient ways possible.

Chris Nelson, owner of Nelson & Partners, local SEO experts & the best online marketing company in Chicago.

I’ve helped others with this, how do I do it myself?

In 2013, a couple years after graduating and working in different marketing and sales departments, I started my first company with a partner in Southern California - an insurance agency called Good Circle Insurance.

We discovered how important proper marketing was. It was the lifeblood of our business. We honed in on this and quickly created a company with thousands of customers, all managed through automation. Good Circle was a great success.

In late 2015, I lost my father. When he passed, a need to travel and train in martial arts grew in my heart and had to be resolved. In 2016, I sold Good Circle Insurance to my business partner and began to freelance online marketing work full time while training and competing in martial arts in Thailand.

Marketing with Mission Hills Chiropractic & Good Circle Insurance.

Marketing with Mission Hills Chiropractic & Good Circle Insurance.

Podcasting for Jason “Mayhem” Miller with my friend Chuck McCollough of Qi Graphics.

Podcasting for Jason “Mayhem” Miller with my friend Chuck McCollough of Qi Graphics.


Now we’re enjoying the process.

Over the years, I’ve made many friends. Some have their own companies and trust me to handle their marketing efforts. Some have their own marketing companies and we collaborate on each other’s marketing projects.

I named this business Nelson & Partners because I feel like my clients, the people I’m helping, are like my partners and the people that I collaborate with on these projects are partners as well.

Now in 2019, we’re simply enjoying the process of running this marketing business.