Services we provide.


Our customers pay a flat rate each month and we provide a mix of the following, based on our agreement*.

*All businesses and agreements are different, so all pricing is different / no set prices.



Get found on Google.

Let’s face it, everyone uses Google and if you’re not on the top of Google, you’re missing out on a ton of business. Our SEO plan will get you to the top, beating out your competitors.




Turn visitors into customers.

Many customers are won and lost over a good or bad website. A great website will turn prospects into customers, making for one of the most important investments your business can make.


Social media

Get repeat & referral business.

With the right social media campaign, you’ll stay at top of mind for your customers and you’ll get in front of the people they are friends with online as well.


email & text

Get clicks and responses.

People check their inbox and texts. Get in front of customers and prospects where they’ll check and you’ll get more new, repeat and referral business.



Have your message seen.

Videos are a great way to get your message across, increase your reputation in your industry as a thought leader and market to potential customers.




Make the process better.

Manual labor is time intensive, costly and leaves room for mistakes and unhappy customers. Make processes that can be done automatically, done automatically.




Invest in your sales.

The right ad can be an amazing investment. A good ad will get clicks, improve website search rankings, generate leads, gather critical data and much more.



We handle all marketing.

Between everyone in Nelson & Partners, we’ve done everything from what’s above to print marketing, graphic design, podcasting, merchandising & more.